Frequently Asked Question

How to apply new card?
Kindly refer to “How to apply as fpass user?” video.

How to renew card?
Kindly refer to “How to renew as fpass user?” video.

I am an existing customer with active card. How should I register as fpass user?
Kindly contact us through for further information.

When to collect card upon completing card application and payment
The process will take about 1-3 working days and you will be notified accordingly through email for the collection of the funicular pass. The effective date of the funicular pass will be based on the collection date

I had completed the application process but didn’t receive any email notification.
Kindly check your junk mail for any email or contact us through for any assistance.

Request refund for funicular passes?
Please be informed that funicular passes sold are not refundable.

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